Happy New Year, New February, New March

I was suddenly reminded that I have blog when the annual charge rolled through on my credit card.

So, hello! I’ve gained weight, I’m planning on shaving my head bald, and I’ve been consistently entering a “win a Tesla” contest. More of those in future posts, well, mainly just that middle point but it’s a longer story for another time.

My GoodReads challenge is off to a hot start. Last year I barely made a dent in my goal of 25 books in 365 days but now that we’re working with 366 (Happy Belated Leap Day!) I’m off to the races. I’ve been taking in a mix of audiobooks while I work and then hard copies when I get home. Currently on the audiobook front is Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow and the night stand copy is The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B.White. As you can see they go in descending order of most nightmarish to goo-goo bedtime appropriate.

Duolingo is my new favorite app of 2020. I’ve heard about it off and on for a few years but I’ve done my fair share of buying language education books, CDs, and online programs to know that if it’s not in my face every day, I’m going to swiftly lose interest. I started off learning Irish Gaelic for fun but I realized I had taken 8 years of French and had barely anything to show for it. I switched over to the French program and it has been wonderful in refreshing my memory of lessons I had learned years ago. It was also helpful in targeting and explaining areas that I also used to struggle with in high school and college. I still use the unpaid version and have found that the game and heart/live format engages my Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis loving brain. It’s nice having to earn the lessons to move on to the next round.

I used to dream in French but it hadn’t happened in years until recently when I started reading and speaking it again. That and dreaming in cartoon format. Related?

Before I sign off, any books I should be reading or adding to my queue? Open to all genres, but I’ve been looking for Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, and/or Mystery. I like Stephen King and I have the feeling I should be reading more Philip K. Dick. I read one of his short stories in Grave Predictions, a collection of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, and/or Mystery stories (who knew), and have thought about it ever since.

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