Keeping Sane

Following suit with the other states, Massachusetts is in a “Stay-at-home” lockdown because the governor doesn’t want to call it a “Shelter-in-Place.” Regardless of the term, I think it was expected but overdue.

My bed is now my fully functioning desk, complete with a landline phone (that I kick over every few minutes) and neck pain! It’s just like being in a real office. I don’t mind working remote, although I am definitely not hydrating like I used to. I have been making sure to stretch and unclench my jaw every few minutes.

I think the internet turned a corner today. Last week things were bleak, some people were staying home, others still had work obligations among other things. Then later in the week more people were in quarantine and getting a little punchy but overall still in good spirits. Now we’ve nose dived with the mandated restrictions and people are starting to get agitated as the novelty has worn off and reality is setting in. You can only stare at your mind-numbing electronics for so long before you forget how to sit with your own thoughts without flinching. Even so, I would still like a Nintendo Switch.

I’m picking up morning journaling again, three pages long-hand, in a notebook right when I get up. Most of it’s scribbles and nonsense but it’s nice to get all the crap out of your head before you just sit around with it all day.

I DO sit or lay down to meditate or just consciously rest for about 10 minutes. For the past few weeks I’ve been drinking celery juice first thing in the morning and whammo does it really remind you that you’re alive. It is distracting during meditation when your stomach starts gurgling but overall the gastrointestinal side effects are minimal.

And just like that, it’s nearly 1am.


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