And Then It Was August

Still going strong in quarantine. Still working from home. Definitely not still journaling every morning.

Here’s a stream-of-consciousness info-dump.

I blazed through Fargo Season 1 & 2 on Hulu and the new Babysitter’s Club series on Netflix.

Most days I wear “Pool Blue” Crocs.

I’m halfway through my Reiki Master course. It’s a lot of information to take in and actively use but it’s nice to have something to focus on. I ordered a Human Anatomy coloring book to help better understand the body while I work on it energetically. Intention counts for a lot but building confidence while maintaining accuracy is equally as important.

Eckhart Tolle has a new class on SoundsTrue and I won a scholarship for it! I’ve watched the livestream Q&A’s and I enjoy watching him sit in silence to wait for an answer within himself, instead of just trying to fill dead air. Sometimes the silence after the question will be a minute long and I check my WiFi to make sure it didn’t disconnect but then I see him blink. It’s exhilarating to see someone practice what they preach with such intensity.

Oh, and I’m bald! At the end of May I shaved my butt-length hair for the One Mission Buzz Off campaign. I sent a little over $4,300 to One Mission from my wonderful sponsors, then shaved off and mailed about 10 braids to Wigs 4 Kids in Michigan. I’ve always wanted to shave my head, so it was exciting to know that I could do so while also helping someone else.

My lunch break is almost over so I’ll leave you with this:

Wash your hands. Be kind. Slow down. Take deep breaths.

Hard conversations are important. Black Lives Matter.

Be well and I’ll talk to you soon.


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