October on the Island

I tried to logon to WordPress on my laptop but it wasn’t loading so here I am typing with hefty thumbs.

It’s almost Halloween! My way of celebrating is to completely blanket my Animal Crossing island with pumpkins and pumpkin accessories. My island rating is sure plummet when I remove them so I’ve started crafting various stones for my rock garden. I’m also considering a hedge maze.

My hair is growing back into a fine mullet. I attempted to buzz it a few times myself and it came out alright but I’ve grown weary of trying to not buzz my ears off. I’m thinking of going full Annie Lennox by buying a suit, bleaching my hair and dying it orange.

On second thought, maybe I should hold off before I strip the color off another bath towel.

I graduated from my Reiki Masters program. In total, class time alone, it’s been a bit less than 200 hours from Reiki 1 to Reiki Masters, the masters being a six month endeavor. On top of the 200 hours, there is the time spent doing sessions on clients, family, pets, and myself. In regards to COVID, in the time it overlapped with my Reiki program, I only worked in-person on immediate family members or did remote sessions (the beauty of energy work is energy isn’t exclusively accessible in person.) I’ve been in my house since March so the program has helped me gage the time, although last week I was certain every day was Wednesday.

I’ve finally been able to catch up on reading. I found a new favorite, a children’s chapter book, “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.” As I read it I thought “Wow, this author is great! Does she know this could be a movie?” and “I really hopes she gets the attention she deserves.” Here I thought I found a hidden gem, until I got to the back of the book and saw some “Also By The Author” suggestions. Turns out my budding author discovery was Kate DiCamillo, writer of “Because of Winn-Dixie” and “The Tale of Desperaux.” I guess, if anything, aside from naïveté, at least I have an eye for talent?

That wraps it up for now.


2 thoughts on “October on the Island

  1. I have so missed your posts!!! I need a personal daily subscription to your humor. I’ll pay. But keep the price low. My notary called in sick again so I can’t get my J. Lo impersonator contracts finalized.

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