January 2021

Hello! Happy New Year!

I’ve been home for the last….well since March but I guess what I meant to say is that I’ve been on Christmas/New Year vacation for the last week. Hooray! Cancer sun, Gemini rising, Virgo moon here, so I’ve created quite the functioning nest in my time home.

I spent New Year’s Eve with my beloved Animal Crossing villagers. I could not get in sync with them as they were waving their little glowsticks in time with the countdown but I did my best and had fun. Very impressive fireworks display.

To my left, currently, is my beloved partner playing Donkey Kong 2. I’m sure it has a proper name but I’m unaware of it. I’m patiently waiting my turn so I can play Just Dance 2021. In my time spent home, I’ve come to realize that roaming the halls at work had been keeping my body in shape. I’ve gained about 15 pounds and lost all muscle definition so I started playing more games that force me to get off the couch. My current regimen is a mix between Just Dance and Ring Fit Adventure. However, I did find a box of the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros so we’ll see how this balances out. If you’re wondering, they are great. I’d compare to either Waffle Crisp but without the maple syrup flavor OR the old cinnamon twist things they used to give as a side in the Taco Bell kid’s meals in the 90s.

I bought some notebooks to keep journaling and writing which I let fall off my daily practice despite thinking about it every single day. It’s kind of like how I meditate, which is to think about meditating then never actually do it then wonder why I’m not seeing any benefits. I had completely forgotten about how I used to listen to sound healing tracks all the time. I’m not sure what reminded me but I started listening again and I really enjoy the sedation it provides. It’s helpful to write to or just to stare at the wall.

As for standup, I don’t think I have performed in well over a year now. I don’t know that I’ll go back to it. I liked showrunning and booking so maybe I’ll get back into that. I’ve watched some Zoom shows and they seem fun but after spending about 80 hours on Zoom for my Reiki Masters, I’ve needed to take some time to refresh.

Alright, time to go dance to Britney Spears.

As they say at Walgreens, be well!

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