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Songs I Listen to Compulsively (8/28)

Hello! I’ve been laying in my bed for 18hours, let’s take a look at what I’ve listening to 48,000 times.

Dedicated To The One I Love – The Mamas & The Papas

I love this video so much I could crap gold and sell it to countryfolk. The mismatched lipsyncing, the expressive hand gestures, the fucking hat, ALL OF IT. Plus, the song is delightful and sad and exciting. A recipe for the perfect song which the end game is to make me feel every emotional

Real Love – Beach House

Whew boy. This is one of those songs I image myself dying to, but in a movie scene way where I look pale but still darling because all my inner beauty is pouring out through my face like a sunbeam ready to blind your family. For me, this is one of those songs that makes my heart hurt in both a sad and appreciative way. I have never gotten through this song without at least one little tear working its way out.

I Finally Found Someone – Barbara Streisand & Bryan Adams

Yeah, I don’t know either. I heard it on the radio the other day for the first time in probably 10 years. Perfect timing because I went through my room at my mom’s house and found a mix cd I made with this song as it’s closer. Heavy stuff for a preteen who used to go home and watch Garfield & Friends.

Sara – Stevie Nicks (Live)

I didn’t give this song enough credit in the past, goddamit. I keep hearing this version of it and every time I’m like “I didn’t give this song enough credit in the past, goddamit.” So here I am, giving it credit because I’m the authority on that kind of thing now? Yeesh.

Okay! There we have it. Songs n’ Bongs. Or something.

Goodnight! 143 xo smooch

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Down a Mountain

I went ziplining! Why? Because when it’s on Groupon it’s okay to do things you wouldn’t normally do for a reasonable price!

I’m an “indoor girl” but having the opportunity to go to New Hampshire and sniff some pinecones sounded fun. Usually I get anxious and have topical dreams in the days before entering a situation I’m unfamiliar with but this was one of the few times I’ve had nerve-wracking dreams AFTER the event occurred. I guess I wasn’t expecting to be ziplining down from the top of a mountain but then again, I have no idea what I thought it was. Maybe one of those backyard ziplines your neighbors you’re not really close to had but you still invited yourself over to play on it anyways.

But this wasn’t six feet off the ground. It was twenty-two hundred feet (plus) in the air, so almost a half mile, on a cord with your mouth open screaming and inhaling bugs on the way down. Well, I was screaming, no one else was which may be because you can control your own speed by yanking on a wooden handle bar and I yanked mine to 90mph. When you’re going that fast, you’re slamming into the wind and it whips you around so you’re spinning mid-air on your little cord. I made it though! It was interesting how silent it was when you move up into the mountains. To get up to the platforms you have to literally climb a spiral staircase into the sky. Halfway up you start walking into mist and clouds and can’t see anything but white. Kind of like the Republican National Convention. ZING!

Although it scared the shit out of me, I would probably go again. Maybe not eat the deep fried chocolate croissant before though.


Okay! I have some Reductress articles that were posted so I will be sharing those periodically!

Thank you goodnight love you smooch smooch xo 143 bye

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Oracle Boracle 

Sunday Night Notes:

Oh friends, as mentioned a couple times previously, I sometimes have a “sensitivity” when it comes to death or accidents that are about to happen. Sometimes I’m aware of them a few weeks or days prior and get a heavy feeling in my chest that something sad might happen. Other times  I just am thinking of seemingly random thoughts that eventually string together and make sense. 

The latter happened the other day when I woke up and immediately started thinking about hot air balloons and remembering a story I heard about a hot air balloon crash about 5 years ago. I had an image of a man crouching in the basket and wondered if the impact would still be too much to survive or if the deflated balloon material fell into basket, the weight would be too heavy on the human body. Again, these were my first thoughts. No phone, no TV, no exposure. 

I became aware of how much time I was thinking about it and thought “Why the hell are you thinking about this, get up.” I went into the kitchen and opened my laptop and first on the homepage was the breaking news about the fatal hot air balloon accident in Texas. Ooooookay.

 A little stunned I got up and went to throw laundry in while the washers were still free and to shake off whatever the hell that was. I unloaded the basket into the washer and as I tossed in the last armful, a sweater I haven’t seen in months (and to be honest, forgot I owned) fell to the  bottom of my 3ft tall hamper. 

“Oh god.” 

Of course it was the one item I own that has hot air balloons plastered on the front. Now, it doesn’t have to mean anything but out of all the things I own, out of all the laundry, out of all the colors/fabrics I could have picked go wash, out of all the items that I was loading, it was that one that fell out at that time. 

The universe and its synchronicities will never get old for me. Whether you feel there’s particular meaning for them or if it’s the acknowledgement that you saw the universal nod, or boil it down the coincidences, you have to admit it’s strange and also exciting.

Have you ever had any synchronicities or unexplained knowing? Tell me, I love that shit.

Okay, goodnight & smooches 143xo 💋

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Sad Topaz

I’ve been in a melancholic mindset lately. I have a lot of great stuff going on but my ego has been talking over all of that saying YOU SUUUUUUUCK. It’s harder when you’re in a constant rewards system because if your tweet doesn’t get any faves then why are you even alive still, right? Self worth is tricky, especially when presenting your projects or jokes because you ARE looking for the approval with a laugh but you can’t cultivate self worth from exterior forces or situations. This week has felt manic with my thoughts going up and down like YEAH! YOU CAN DO THIS! then switches to WOOOOW, WHO LET THIS ONE LOOSE. All this nervous energy is making me derail a little BUT it’s also great because I got THREE pitches approved from a website I adore. They are all do early next week so haha can I borrow your bandana to wipe the sweat off my upper lip. 

To make me feel better, here is one of my to-the-core favorite songs. Best heard through headphones : Topaz B52s 

Okay I love you. xo143

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I just jogged in-place in my room for about 30 seconds and now I’m very hot.

Sunday Night Notes!:

This weekend I went to MAINE and attended the Blue Stocking Film Festival. It was tres rad to go because it is a female focused festival with the mission to get more complex female protagonists on screen. HOORAY! The films were so funny, dark, and beautifully acted and I never thought once during it, “BUT…MEN?!” It was all astounding content and amazing people and hooray hooray hooray.

In other news, I finally got the opportunity to join a Pokemon Go team. I really thought I was going to be a Mystic (shoutout to my gelflings) but I ended up going with Team Instinct (the yellow one). I know everyone says Valor is the best but eh? We’ll see how it goes. I have about 47 books on hold for pickup at the library which happens to be next to a Poke Gym so I’ve got big plans after work.

In other-other news, the Museum of Science is doing it’s Bjork night at the planetarium, so I’m gonna sit, stare, and drool up at some stars while the Icelandic enchantress lures me away from my human experience. When I’m dropped back into my body, I’ll report on my findings.

Okay, it’s nappy-bye. 143xo smooch

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I’m On The Science Diet 

Did I capitalize the title correctly? I’ve given up following the rules. 

Sunday Night Notes:

After the past few weeks of feeling like I was going to throw up, pass out, or die at any given moment, my diabetic cat and I are now on matching diets for hypoglycemia. In social situations I tend to hang back due to delayed responses brought on by profound dyslexia in speech and comprehension.  However, since the end of June if I’ve been extra distant or at least as far as the nearest trash can, it’s because I didn’t want to throw up into your mouth and pass out and risk kRaPping my pants in my weakened state. And yes, that’s the scientific name, you idiot. 

My new lifestyle of fruit and maybe some wet food has begun. Also, right when I finished that sentence The Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” started playing on the 70s music station thanks to mega conglomerate Comcast (plz don’t cut my cable, this station rulez.) 

On that note, if you need any further proof that the universe swaddles and kisses its babies then you should prbbbbbly get off my page, you charlatan. 

Love you. Xo 

In Gargoyles We Trust.

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Hi, It’s Me, Your Nana-Mom

Hi PingPongs,

Here is some unsolicited advice I cultivated just for you from my own experience.

If you are a AAA member, you can go to one of their (participating) locations and renew your driver’s license. Why is this of any interest? It is because it took me ten minutes to renew mine and I did it on a Saturday. I used all of my vacation and sick time on my cross-country trip to Colorado so I was worried I was going to take a hit on my paycheck that I’m already stretching to cover my need of signing up for online tarot and realm reading classes.

I also registered as an organ donor while there! I got a tattoo last year so I couldn’t donate blood for a while, so why not jump right back into the saddle  of the body organ and fluids market then to check a little box that could save someone else should the time come. Also, I urge my fellow O Positives to donate blood because it can help everyone and you get snacks and I’ll even hold your hand and brush your hair because I’m your new nana-mom.

Well there is my car driving and blood giving agenda. I’m going to go see if Honey Dew Donuts has any Everything bagels left and then finish reading my $14 magazine about secret societies.

OKAY BYE smooch x