Don’t Steal My Beanie Babies Plz

Hooray! Four day weekend came to a close which makes me sad but also I had about 47 coconut macaroons so I think it ended on a high  note.

I rejoined OKCupid which was the worst idea I’ve had in a while. I know in my soul that I am not going to meet anyone on there because I’m afraid they’re going to find out where I live and steal all my Beanie Babies. HOWEVER, I still like the opening messages like “Hi, what nationality are you?” and “I want you to make me dinner” are worth reviewing for a little while longer.

As far passion projects, I’ve been working more on my standup which is good because usually my method is: sign up for a show, don’t practice until the day of, suck a fair amount, then shrug and say “well I didn’t really try so it wasn’t really me sucking.” Excellent business model!

Countdown to my annual Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal card. Also hooray! Photos will come once they are all sent out. WHICH IS 100+ THIS YEAR AND I NEED HELP BUYING A BILLION STAMPS. Das alotta cheese to spend on some stickers. BUT WORTH IT.

Okay, I’m tired, I just had a popcorn dinner with a hot chocolate dessert.

bye! xxoxooxaksdfjksdhfjksd