Real World Conversation

Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation. Day 12.

I could get snarky and write a conversation I’ve had about MTV’s The Real World. Or I could write a song review of Matchbox 20’s hit “Real World.” The truth is I don’t really remember any notable conversations as of late. The last conversation I had was me explaining to my roommate what happened in the two Arthur episodes I watched while I was on the treadmill today. It wasn’t even really a conversation as much as it was me just talking at her about how Arthur was being a real jerk to Sue Ellen over the yak hair sweater she received from her pen pal in the Himalayas. The changed the animation and a lot of the voices. And Arthur’s has become a real sassafras*. At first it seemed unbearable but after a few minutes the show picked up and it was pretty funny. It served as my tether to the treadmill. 


Moving away from my horrible attempt at the Writing 101 prompt, I’m excited to go home for the weekend. I miss my mom and my cats. I also miss eating real food. I’ve been making the same salad wrap every day for three weeks. It’s delicious but I’m very hungry. Now accepting donations to the Feed Lo Kirby Something Other Than 75 cent Chef Boyardi Beef Ravioli Although It’s Delicious but Very High in Sodium Fund. 

I’ve been interviewing a lot this week which is great because I just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black. Real divine intervention there. There’s only so much sitting on the couch and swatting away fruit flies one girl can do. I’m not sure of the origin of the fruit flies. They’re still an issue. More on that as it develops. 

Any plans for the 4th of July? People keep asking me but since moving I’ve been on a “one day at a time” schedule. Which pair of shorts (out of the two I own) will I wear today? I’m running low on toilet paper…should I hold it in? Should I have the salad wrap or the salad wrap? I think the flies are here because they saw the vacancy in my cupboards.

That’s changing soon though. Say prayers for me and stuff.

Ciao gigglebutts.

❤ Lo










(*I’m aware this is not what this word means. I like it anyways.)

Not Dead Still

Hey crapples!

Today’s kewschun is brought to you by the letter B for Book. 

“What’s your favorite childhood book?”

This one’s a doozy. I have a lot of favorite children’s books, but my favorite childhood book is different. 

Well, books. Because childhood was kind of long, amiright?

My first pick, is from the earlier childhood years:

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, By Kevin Henkes.



There are other books that take place in Lilly’s world, but I’ve only read this one. I love the illustrations, and now thinking about it, I guess I connected with Lilly because she was a freak like me. A nice, shy, freak who has a great fashion sense and secretly craves the spotlight until she gets any attention.

It’s adorable, read it now, go bye.


The second book comes in the later years of childhood. This was the first book I read several times for enjoyment. Chunky, twelve-year-old me was really into TV and Hotpockets, so that was a milestone.

Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, by Judy Blume.



I had always loved the Superfudge books, and I don’t know why I picked up this one up because I always thought Sheila was a friggen bitch. I ended up reading it and realized I was wrong. WAY TO JUDGE A CHARACTER WITHOUT REALLY KNOWING HER, LOLO, YA BIG JERK. Lesson learned. 


There you have it. Next the next post’s question we will be exploring my 5 favorite blogs. I don’t have 5 favorite blogs so things might get a little hairy.

But until next time, my little salt lickers!