Waking Up

Sleep is not my forté.

I love it and could lay in bed all day but I rarely do it. I wouldn’t say I’m an insomniac because I could easily fall asleep if I wanted to. The “problem” is though, that I usually stay up until 1am-3am depending on my motivation. This becomes upsetting after only a few hours of sleep considering my full night’s sleep is usually about 10 hours.

I feel like my days are my meditation. I kind of drift along and do the routine which is pretty unexciting and quiet. The night seems to be when my brain turns on. The second I climb (Really, climb. My bed is on risers.) into bed it’s like OKAY! WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? 

What is even more interesting to me though, besides my bizarre sleeping habits, is my bizarre waking habits.

I’ve been researching more on the “hypnopompic state” and unfortunately been coming up pretty dry. This state is that lucidity between the sleep state and the wake state. The little place where you can still see your dreams but you can also hear your mom vacuuming outside your door. You might even be familiar with the babbling that comes in this state. When you’re at a sleep over and your friend wakes up and says something like “give the cat his maple syrup” then rolls back over like a scary sleep zombie.

I am very aware of this state. I get a lot of information from it. When I’m depressed or unhappy, I’ve found that  I linger a little longer in this inbetweeness and have a inner monologue about what I’m really experiencing and feeling. Not like a day time talk show either. I mean real, ego removed, assessments of my life. I’ve even been hanging out there and heard very specific phrases, only to wake up and see those exact sentences waiting inside a text from my friend. 

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any true insomniacs or even night owls who have stories to share? Comment!

Okay I love you I’m actually tired for once 143 bye 

Crystals and Toe-Sucking

Hey guys, I might be a witch.

Lately I’ve been reading up on crystals and gemstones and their benefits. I have a piece of citrine, an emerald, and a little lapis lazuli (any Gilgamesh fans?).

I carry them around as lucky charms but I also read that keeping certain ones under your pillow will help you have happier dreams when you sleep.

WELL my friends, I did not put my crystals under my pillow last night and I had some pretty fucked up dreams. One of them included sucking the toes (which nails were painted blackish-purple) of a kid I used to like a few years back. There was lots of drag queens, Goldfish crackers, rainbow escalators, and a nighttime pool party.

It sounds traumatizing but I woke up laughing so I’m hoping I haven’t completely become unhinged. Although, I’m not sure if laughing means I am crazy or just understanding of the absurdity.

Judging by the titles of my last few posts, I guess it might be the former.

In other news, I am seeing a psychic this weekend!

It was either that or a therapist and the psychic was cheaper.

And they are usually better at telling people what to do.

Me make a decision for myself? Puh! Unless it’s food or clothing, I’ll take all the advice I can get.

Or this blog. This thing is stream of consciousness. I pick a topic and wipe my ass with it and see how you darling pooptarts like it.

I’m not going to put the crystals under my pillow again tonight and see if anything else kooky happens.

Until next time my Scruvy Fully Bloateds!