Food Food Food Food

I used to  take surveys and post them on MySpace all the time. I just ate a whole pizza so I thought I’d keep the fun going by answering some food related questions! Link to original survey embedded in the Food Survey title!

Food Survey 

1.     How do you feel about golden oreos?

Second hand Vienna fingers. 

2.     What is your favorite dessert topping?

I’ve been recently into KitKat chunks and/or Reese’s cup chunks. 

3.     What is your favorite flavor/brand of bubble gum?

BubbleYum or Grape Big League Chew

4.     Favorite cheese?


5.     Favorite Lunch Meat?

Mortadella because salt is god.

6.     Favorite ice cream flavor?

“Just Jimmies” by Brighams or Black Raspberry Chip from the Polar Cave ice cream parlor.

7.     Best looking food?

I like the way cartoon pizza looks. In real life, maybe one of those glazes hams with the pineapple on it.

8.     Best food to put cheese on?

Dumping shredded cheese one top of cold salsa.

9.     Best sexual food?

Are we taking aphrodisiacs or licorice underwear?

10.   Best tasting drink in the summer?

Moscow Mule

11.   Best tasting drink in winter?

Moscow Mule.  I’m not as opaque as I’d like to be.

12.   Best food for a night out with friends?

All foods.

13.   Best foods to eat with a roll?

Pasta or soup.

14.   Messiest food, in your opinion?


15.   Easiest food to prepare?


16.   Cheapest food you ever ate?

Ramen Noodles.

17.   Most expensive food you ever ate?

Some sort of steak, I’d imagine.

18.   Stinkiest food you ever ate?

I don’t eat stinky food.

19.   Favorite dipping sauce?

Sweet and sour  sauce or the garlic aioli from Night Market in Cambridge, Ma.

20.   Best pizza topping?

Onions….or maybe a sprinkle of feta.

21.   Favorite potato chip flavor?

Sea Salt & Vinegar.

22.   Most toxic substance you ever ate?

Probably cheetos.

23.   Most calories you ate in one meal?

The pizza I ate this morning. I wish I were joking.

24.   Favorite soda?


25.   Favorite flavor of juice?

White grape mixed with anything.

26.   Favorite Vegetable?

Water chestnuts. Although, I think they might be a fruit. Whatever.

27.   Favorite Fruit?

Water chestnuts?

28.   Worst canned food?

All canned foods. 

29.   Best side dish?

Baked mac&cheese.

30.   Worst fast food restaurant?

Wendy’s? Mainly because of mayonnaise. 

31.   Best restaurant?

I’ll forever be in love with Night Market as mentioned previously.

32.   Best smelling food?

French onion soup.

33.   Favorite appetizer?

Maybe those onion string things. I could shovel those for days.

34.   Favorite cookie flavor?

Oatmeal chocolate chip… or a raspberry linzer.

35.   Favorite cake flavor?


36.   Favorite pie flavor?

Strawberry rhubarb.

37.   Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?

This depends on the situation and ice cream at hand.

38.   Ketchup or Mustard?

This depends on the situation and the ice cream at hand. I mean, food.

39.   Best food to have on a date?

Ice cream? So you can each have your own and then cough in each other’s faces when the dairy creates a whole bunch of mucous. 

40.   Most share-able food?

French fries. They are pretty easy to grab and split up.


Did I do okay? Do you agree or disagree with anything? LET ME KNOW!


Probably Not the Right Question

Hey kids!

DAY 27!

The question (that might not really be the right question but just go with it) is:

What’s your favorite recipe?

I don’t cook too much for myself because I end up eating all the ingredients before mashing them together.

BUT I am a master at the English muffin pizza.



English muffins

Pasta sauce

Mozzarelle cheese



The love is very important.

Now, you may think that this recipe needs no explanation, but let me tell you, the first step is critical.

Always slightly toast the English muffin first.

Trust me, if you don’t you’ll ruin everyone’s night including your own.

But yes, slightly toast, assemble sauce and cheese however you want, toast again to crisp perfection.

And there you have it! A meal sure to impress any suitor or potential lover.

I just made my own, so cheers.

Until next time, my meat sauce extravaganzas!

May I Borrow That Stretcher?

Well, crap. 

I’m starting to take my health a little bit more seriously these days. I figure if I’m going to be super famous, I should start working on my super famous body. I want to be fit, so you can  go ahead and invite me down to the river to wash out some of your linens on my perfectly sculpted abs.

I box and roller skate, but these activities only cancel out so much Coke and pizza after a certain period of time. So, I thought I’d take baby steps. Really. I downloaded a pedometer app (which yay! counts just touching the phone as 3 steps) and stuck it in my back pocket for the day.

Apparently, the ideal amount of steps to take in a day is 10,000. I’m in decent shape, but Jesus, at 5pm I hadn’t even broke 1,000…and that was being conscious that I would probably have to take more steps than normal. 

I went home, ate a salad, and immediately went out to do errands in hopes to get some more steps in. Well, 4 hours and $150 spent, I was closing in on 3,000 steps. Not even to the halfway point and my legs were already sore. 

Now the resentment of my desk job is starting to seep in as the remainder of my muscle melts into extra flesh. You think the Pillsbury company could use a girl mascot?

This is going to be an interesting journey. My love affair with Coke and pizza might be interrupted by my nagging body, demanding attention.

Alright my little love dumps. Until next time!

Yes, Pigs Do Have Bank Accounts

Hey. Hi. How are ya?

Good. I’m happy. I sucked down a bunch of coffee and I’m wearing a men’s tank top because fuck the establishment. I’m not really sure what that means because I had a meatball sub yesterday instead of going to the gym because that’s all that matters.

Am I crazy? I don’t know, do pigs not have 401Ks? I think the proof is in the partridge in a pear tree.

But back to my tank top. It’s of outer space, which I’m feeling resentful of, but it has kittens riding slices of pizza. Nothing has ever felt so right.

Still with me? Good. Enjoy that beef ravioli.

Until next time, chapstick lovers!