Lesser Appreciated BuzzFeed Quizzes

A couple weeks back, when all those BuzzFeed quizzes started popping up, I compiled a list of what I thought might be the lesser appreciated quizzes. Here are some of them!


Which Member of Congress is Your Spirit Animal?

QUIZ: What State Penitentiary Are You?

Which 8th Century Mongol Are YOU Most Like?

Which Member of Slipknot is Your Soulmate?

What Offensive Justin Bieber Action Are You Really?

The Quiz Quiz: What Quiz Are You?


I’d take them, but I tend to route for the underdogs.

Until next time, my loveducks.

The End (but not really)

Hey Lint-lickers!

I DID IT. I FINALLY DID IT.  (Obligatory sex joke.)

Day 31. The final question of the Blog Challenge that I’ve managed to drag on since May. Whoops.

The Question: Why do you blog?

As I mention in every waking breath, in every medium, to every person I’ve met, I love comedy AND I love talking about things that other people feel uncomfortable talking about. Not controversial stuff (I mean, if you want!) but having conversations about emotional things that people stuff down inside them. Not necessarily a therapy session, but I appreciate talking passionately, whether about that goofy music you loved when you were 10 or that time your uncle died. Most people, when getting to know me, throw a “you’re weird” out there. But hey, I’m not going to pretend I’m a placid movie character. I over-share and reveal personal information about myself.  Just because you may not understand me, doesn’t mean you won’t, and doesn’t mean I don’t understand you.  I realized my “weird” is what a lot of people connect to on a deeper level. Several of my friendships have evolved from conversations that started with a “you’re weird” but closed with “I feel like I can be myself around you.” I don’t think I could dream up a more touching compliment.

In regards to blogging, I can reach people who might think the way I do, or who maybe are unconsciously searching for someone they can kick their shoes off with. We can toss around a few dick jokes too (because, y’know, comedy).

That being said, there are so many mediums available to throw your comedy onto. Naturally, I’m on all of them, but each outlet has it’s own crowd and it’s own set of strengths and weaknesses. Twitter is great for quick jokes, but blogging is a great place for rich storytelling. AND I GOT STORIES, KIDS.

It’s also a place I like to go to when I remember I went to college for writing and need to fill the void by writing reflective essays about myself.

Well. There it is. All done.

Thank you all who have kept tabs on ZE BLERG SHULERNGE. I think I lost the challenge in regards to the “31 Days” thing, but I answered all the questions, so there.

Until next time, my shining stars!

Nine. Nine. Nine.

Blog challenge.

Day Nine!

What are my worst habits?


The one that is the most persistent and gets me into “trouble” is that after meeting someone and I decided I like them, I immediately begin to think we are secretly in love and start imagining our future.

That’s fine enough, if kept to one’s self.

But I don’t do that.

I forget that we aren’t that great of friends, and bombard them with love and affection.

It can get weird.

A lot of people play along, but when they don’t, me and my emotions come to a screeching halt.

More bad habits?

I have a horrendous temper.

I lost my pedometer the other day and spent 45 minutes tearing the house apart, slamming things, swearing, etc.

I realized later it was in my car, but not before leaving a path of mass destruction.

Other than that I guess I’m perfect, right? *farts*


Until next time, my  little zack attacks.

Blog Challenge Day …6 or something?

My Five Senses. RIGHT NOW.

I don’t really find the significance in this one.

1) Smell: I can smell my cat’s litter box. She has diabetes and a UTI. 😀

2) Sight: I’m staring at my computer because 8 hours of staring at it during work wasn’t satisfying enough.

3) Sound: This actually excites me. I’m listening to David Sedaris on Marc Maron’s WTFPodcast. We all know how much I love David Sedaris. If you don’t know what I’m talking about —>HERE! CLICK ME!<—

4) Taste: Maybe I should brush my teeth.

5) Touch: My keyboard. Click click click.